Reading doesn't have to be serious, it can be for the pure joy of it
In a world filled with so much distraction, being able to focus amidst the cacophony is powerful
Sometimes, the darkness can seem so dark, it is hard to see the light
There is a fine line between hoarding and collecting
Sometimes, the connection between things is not evident, but it doesn't change that there's a connection.
Hey All, There have always been certain musicians that I connect with in a way that feels deeper. Some mainstream, some not so mainstream. I can’t expl…
Hey Hope you are having a good week. I’ve been thinking a lot about the labels / boxes that we try to force each other into, although many of us exist …
Greetings, There are times when it feels like we have the lost the ability to understand and allow for nuance. Everything has become black or white, go…
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zebra culture by kojo baffoe