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Here are seven (or there about) things I thought were worth sharing.


It’s been increasingly busy for me, in a good way. I finally launched a podcast Listen To Your Footsteps and my second episode is with Donovan Goliath, comedian, artist, designer, etc. French artist and illustrator Guy Billout is someone that had a strong influence on Donovan’s design aesthetic.

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I love great storytelling and one thing that I am passionate about is how to create the necessary platforms for Africans to not only tell our stories but get them heard. We can’t continue to have the primary lens or perspective being from a Western perspective. Loving MFS Africa’s Africa Crossing Borders initiative which they describe as “MFS Africa’s contribution to the conversation about AfCFTA and aspirations of integration and the lived realities of ordinary Africans who are impacted by policies and regulation.

The first instalment focuses on Togo.


In a way, the success of African footballers in top leagues around the world distracts. The ones that reach the pinnacle are the exception, rather than the rule. The precarious fate of African footballers in Europe after their game ends.


If you have been subscribed to this newsletter for a while, you’ll know that I have an affinity for music, which I would say came from my father. Olwethu Leshabane who runs Art of Superwoman asked me to create a playlist for Youth Day in South Africa for/on behalf of my father. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks and there are so many more songs I can add but this is what I came up with, flipping through my father’s records.


A book that I have recommended often is Susan Cains’ Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It articulated a lot of what I struggled with growing up as an introvert but also helped in how I raise my son, who is also an introvert. This video The Quiet Power of Introverts is dope.


The Nod: A Subtle Lowering of the Head You Give to Another Black Person in an Overwhelmingly White Place.


The running joke (one of those laugh/cry jokes) is that France tends to be the African team when it comes to European football competitions.

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