All in due time


I sometimes wonder whether it is an excuse for my often protracted procrastination or it really is a function of my belief … everything happens when it is supposed to happen. With my own projects, I often take an ‘all in due time’ approach.


Time is important to me. I like to keep it. Yet, in The Tyranny of Time, Joe Zadeh writes, “The clock is a useful social tool, but it is also deeply political. It benefits some, marginalises others and blinds us from a true understanding of our own bodies and the world around us.” Never thought about it that way, until now.


I can think of better ways to spend 30 years but I can also think of worse ways. Meet the Man Who Used Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti, and Other Fascinating Music to Try to Lure Aliens to Earth.


With my book Listen To Your Footsteps officially out, I have been doing interviews around it. This week I fortunate to be invited onto Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh’s SMWX platform to talk about fatherhood, writing, identity and the like. I have been following Sizwe’s trajectory over the years and really like how he has been able to carve a space that is uniquely his.


The Man Who Raised A Fist, 50 Years Later is about Tommie Smith, the American sprinter who raised a Black Power fist at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968. I had that poster on my wall as a teenager.


We keep talking about the importance of diversity and yet struggle to get past the talk and into implementation. I won’t lie. I have always found it a tad strange that this discussion continues to be relevant in South Africa. Perhaps Why Diverse Teams Outperform Homogenous Teams will prompt those with the control to drive transformation quicker.

I found this sentence particularly poignant, “The benefits of diversity aren’t likely to accrue if we simply put together a team of diverse individuals and assign them a task. The environment in which they’re working should be inclusive—one in which all members feel valued and as if they have a voice. In that inclusive environment, the benefits of diversity are far more likely to materialise.”


If you come from a particular era, like I did, then this will mean something to you: The Making of Jodeci’s ‘Forever My Lady’, The Album That Reinvigorated R&B.


There is something about what Pablo Rochat does on Instagram. He has taken the medium and found a way to be different. Sometimes, it feels random but still compelling.

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